Violino Romantico

Romantic Violin

Violino Romantico was formed in 2008 while Felicite and Sarah were studying Music together at the Conservatorium of Music at Melbourne University. While learning about us on this website you will realise that both individually and together we are established performers. In August of 2009, Violino Romantico won the Olwyn Game award at the Musical Society of Victoria Chamber Music Competition.

Violino Romantico are proficient in many genres of music and can tailor their repertoire to a variety of functions including weddings, corporate functions and special occasions. With the addition of a pianist, we can now operate as a duo or a trio and welcome enquiries for both settings. Ask us for a quote on our contact us page, as Violino Romantico promise to play the music of the past with a new sense of flair.

Your skills and selection of music created such an amazing atmosphere.

Catherine and Xavier